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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: #35 – Mark Green

Mark Green was my maternal Great-Great-Uncle who was the brother of Classie Green McCall, my Great-Great-Grandmother.

Mark was born around 1844 in Pitt County, North Carolina. However, it appears that he lived most of his life in the Nahunta area which is in Wayne County, North Carolina. He married Ann Roundtree who was the daughter of Thomas and Fannie Roundtree.  I could not find their cohabitation record which is a document that tells how long former slaves had been living together as a married couple. Mark and Ann were probably slaves in one of the surrounding counties where the cohabitation records were destroyed such as Greene County. They were the parents of Sallie (1870-9/8/1938), Joseph (1872-?), Ceasar (1874-3/14/1948), Albert (1876-?), Willie (5/1878-4/29/1948), Fannie (1886-?) and Nelley (8/1887-?).

Throughout the Censuses from 1870-1920, I have never seen any additional family members, besides their children and Mark's brother Joseph, listed in Mark’s house. Therefore I was very surprised when I came across a few listings in the Goldsboro North Carolina Messenger newspaper where Mark paid pauper fees for his brother and his mother, unfortunately, their names were not listed. I assume that the brother was Joseph however, it could had been a fee for another brother.  If not, why was Mark paying a fee for his brother who lived in Mark’s home. I don’t understand how the “poorhouse” fees worked. But apparently, the fee was paid every month. But what about his mother? His mother was ALIVE but she was living in the “poorhouse?” Why wasn’t she living with my ancestor, her daughter Classie or her son Mark. I have no information on Mark and Classie's parents and this is the first "tidbit" that I have on his mother. These news articles leaves me with more questions than answers. 

Excerpt from the Goldsboro Messenger newspaper - Thursday, June 20, 1878

Excerpt from Goldsboro Messenger newspaper - Monday, Nov. 18, 1878

Ann Green died on January 22, 1929 Fremont, North Carolina. She was buried at Daniels Quarter Graveyard aka Cemetery. If Mark and the rest of his family were buried at the same cemetery, then sadly I can't visit their graves because the cemetery no longer exist and the graves were moved and its questionable where the graves have been moved to.

Death certificate for Ann Roundtree Green
I don’t know when Mark died but it was after 1920 and before his wife died in 1929. It’s a mystery why I can’t find his death certificate because on paper, Mark appeared to be well known in the community. For instance, Mark’s is mention in a book as the Justice of Peace for Fremont, North Carolina. On the 1870 and 1880 census, Mark was described as a Farm Laborer but perhaps Mark had multiple jobs because I found a few documents that listed him as the mayor, and if it had not been for these documents and my mom’s recollection; I possibly would had never known about Uncle Mark's standing in the community. To me, that is quite an feat for a former slave.

Excerpt from The Heritage of Wayne County North Carolina, 1982

My mom recalls hearing that Mark’s brother Joseph was handicapped. In fact, on the 1870 census, Joseph was described as “dum” but Joseph was probably mentally disabled. Family history also stated that Mark’s wife, Ann, would beat Joseph. It appears that Joseph had a hard life. Its ironic that the 1870 census looks like the 1920 census with the same four members (Mark, Ann, their daughter Sallie and Joseph) that were living together in 1870 are still living together as a family in 1920… 50 years later. 

1870 Census for Mark Green's family

1920 Census for Mark Green and family

I still have a lot of questions regarding Mark and his brother Joseph such as when did Joseph die and what cause his death? I also would like to know what became of Joseph and Mark’s parents, my great-great-great grandparents. If they were born in Pitt County, exactly how did the family arrive in Wayne County, North Carolina. If anyone, can provide more information about Uncle Mark don’t hesitate to contact me.

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